Professional Staff

The mission of the Office of First Year Programs, Learning Communities, the Academic Achievement Center, and Innovation Zone (FYPLCAACIZ) is to assist students with their transition from high school to college and to aid in the retention of students at the University of Connecticut. We provide holistic guidance, opportunities, and resources to enable students to actively engage and thrive at the University by becoming learners with a purpose. Through programs and courses like First Year Experience, Learning Communities, Strategic Academic Coaching, UConn Connects, Supplemental Instruction, Peer Mentoring, and the Innovation Zone makerspace, our office works with students to realize the value of the intellectual, social, and cultural dimensions of the university. With an array of courses, workshops, a network for personal support, interactive online resources, and unique living/learning experiences, First Year Programs helps students at the University of Connecticut achieve success from the start.

First Year Programs Central Office | Rowe 235 | 860.486.3378

Dave Ouimette

David Ouimette

Executive Director


Academic Achievement Center (AAC) | Rowe 217 | 860.486.4889

Leo Lachut

Director, AAC
Asst Director, FYPLCAACIZ


Photo of Valerie Jenkelunas

Valerie Jenkelunas

Assistant Director, Storrs Campus


Ada Rivera

Assistant Director, Hartford Campus


Karima Jackson

Assistant Director, Waterbury Campus


Rachel Mongillo

Rachel Mongillo

Learning Services Coordinator


First Year Experience (FYE) | Rowe 235 | 860.486.3378

Jordan Ochs

Director, FYE
Asst Director, FYPLCAACIZ


Polina Boily

Program Coordinator


Innovation Zone (IZone) | Werth Tower 014 | 860.486.3744

Cody Ryan

Makerspace Supervisor


Learning Communities (LC) | Werth Tower 114 | 860.486.0711

Melissa Foreman

Director, LC
Asst Director, FYPLCAACIZ


Josh Brown

Josh Brown

Program Administrator
Director, ScHOLA2RS House


Sara Dahlen

Program Coordinator