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As UConn moves to online courses for the remainder of the semester due to COVID-19, we want to ensure that our students continue to receive the support they deserve on their journey to academic success.

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) has gone virtual and is available to help. Be sure to visit the AAC Online for additional information and resources.

Academic Achievement Center

Student assistance in academic and personal goals by providing a comprehensive, personalized array of programs, resources, and services.

First Year Experience

Courses and services that foster student success, development, transition, and leadership while increasing the retention of students at the University of Connecticut.

Learning Communities

Allows students with opportunities to investigate areas of interest from an interdisciplinary topic,  guided courses or co-curricular activities.

Learning Community Innovation Zone

The first official Makerspace at UConn. By providing the necessary materials, equipment and guidance, the LCIZ creates an environment where UConn students can bring their ideas from conception to reality.