Faculty Courses & Curriculum Oversight Board

The First Year Programs and Learning Communities Faculty Oversight Board  is charged with setting the criteria for courses that satisfy content area and competency requirements for First Year Experience courses; reviewing and approving course proposals for 1820 sections; developing policy for delivering the FYE program; certifying and periodically monitoring courses and instructors for quality assurance purposes; and advising the FYP & LC Office in matters related to program management.


FCCOB Voting Board Members

Dr. Jaci L. VanHeest, Chair, Neag School of Education

Dr. Daniel Burkey, School of Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. James Chrobak, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Psychological Sciences

Dr. Stephen Dyson, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Political Science

Dr. Friedemann Weidauer, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Dr. Steven A. Zinn, College of Agriculture, Health, and Human Resources – Animal Science

Leanne M. Adams, School of Business – Accounting

Denise Morris, School of Nursing


Ex-Officio Members

Jenna Hartwell, Academic Advisor, UConn-Waterbury Campus

Melissa Foreman, First Year Programs & Learning Communities

Daniel Mercier, Academic Services, UConn-Avery Point Campus

Polina Boily, First Year Experience Program Coordinator

David Ouimette, First Year Programs & Learning Communities

Sarah Scheidel, Ed.D., First Year Programs & Learning Communities

Tadarrayl Starke, Ed.D., Institute for Student Success

Sara Dahlen, First Year Programs & Learning Communities

Katherine Martin, Office of the Director, UConn-Hartford Campus


Meeting Minutes & Agendas